My Work

I translate academic research on gender, sexuality, race, and pop culture into mainstream education. From academic journals and classrooms to TEDx talks and children's books, I always aim to help more people live their identities safely and happily.

For example, take Drake...

Drake's bar mitzvah music video HYFR mixes stereotypes of “nice Jewish boys” and "hard black men." But where do these gendered, sexual, and racial/ethnic ideas come from in the first place, and how do we absorb them through pop culture? How do these assumptions shape our sex lives, job prospects, and lifespans? My work links Gender Studies, Critical Race Studies, Media Studies, and Jewish Studies to help more people understand where social stereotypes and inequalities come from. This knowledge helps us each to live our own identities without stigma and to pursue our own wellbeing in the face of discrimination.

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Alongside my academic training, two key experiences shape my work: my time in LGBT nonprofits and in Jewish summer camps. This blend of educational, intercultural, and policy work informs how I research Jewish identity, teach about pop culture, and write children's literature. It also supports my interest in LGBT Jewish experience and my LGBT inclusion workshops for Jewish institutions. 

My favorite movie to teach: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert!