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Stanford University

Eli Reinhard Postdoctoral Fellow

Taube Center for Jewish Studies


Cornell University

Visiting Assistant Professor

English & Jewish Studies

2020 - 2022


College of William & Mary

Visiting Assistant Professor

Gender & Media Studies

2019 - 2020

The Ohio State University

PhD 2019 in Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

I am a scholar of media, race, gender, and Jewish identity. I analyze how an eight-century lineage of antisemitic bodily stigmas intersects today with America's color-based racial categories like Blackness and whiteness. In turn, I examine how antisemitism mutually co-shapes racism, misogyny, and queerphobia in ways that impact both Jewish and non-Jewish bodies.

For example, my first book is Millennial Jewish Stars: Navigating Racial Antisemitism, Masculinity, and White Supremacy(New York University Press, 2024). 


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